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About our company

CodeCities is an interactive company providing electronic services and digital marketing to respond to trends and changes in the IT industry. We work with a high level of experience in different areas to reach your goals. We have a team of web developers, web applications, mobile applications, web design, content management, graphic design, and have skills ranging from client-based software to open-source software or mobile applications. CodeCities also provides a range of e-commerce solutions for small and big businesses who seek to sell their products online and get money online through electronic payment gateways.

If you are a large company needs to design a web site from scratch or you are a small project that need additional technical assistance, CodeCities team is able to offer innovative and effective designs to develop your website, or a professional design for the application and content management system while keeping in mind Search Engine Optimization to get your product and website to the greatest extent possible. We have implemented several projects and we have a specialized team of multi-skilled and fluent speakers in different languages ​​and ability to work with projects of different sizes and ideas and meeting with customers as well. With our unparalleled technical expertise, we provide top-level service at all stages.

We know that in the real world, you will need more than just a website to deliver your message. We can care about the rest as well. We are in CodeCities as an creative agency, we do more than the work of websites. Our services complement each other and provide extensive support for all your requirements.

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